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2016 Keyser Golden Tornado Football

KHS Routs Petersburg 1st Half

KHS Routs Petersburg 2nd Half

Fort Hill Gets Revenge

Keyser @ Allegany

Tornado drowns Trojans 1st Half

Tornado drowns Trojans Homecoming & 2nd Half

2015 Keyser Golden Tornado Football

KHS Whips Berkeley Springs 1st Half

KHS Whips Berkeley Springs 2nd Half

Keyser Beats Fort Hill! Part 1

Keyser Beats Fort Hill! Part 2

KHS @ Hampshire Part 1

KHS @ Hampshire Part 2

Tornado Defeats RCB Part 1

Tornado Defeats RCB Part 2

Keyser Beats Mountain Ridge Part 1

Keyser Beats Mountain Ridge Part 2

2014 Keyser Golden Tornado Football

Mineral Bowl Part 1

Mineral Bowl Part 2

Activities surrounding 100th Year Game

Bridgeport dampens Tornado 100th Year Game

Homecoming Romp Over Hampshire

Tornado Strikes Campers

Keyser Muzzles Huskies

Golden Tornado fall short against Fort Hill

Keyser comes back to beat Clearfield Part 1

Keyser comes back to beat Clearfield Part 2

2013 Keyser Golden Tornado Football

KHS Throttles the Indians

KHS Throttles the Indians Part 2

Tornado downs Allegany 12 - 7

Tornado downs Allegany 12 - 7 Part 2

Keyser Wins at Hampshire 49 - 20

Tornado Runs Over Jefferson

Mineral Bowl 2013 Part 1

Mineral Bowl 2013 Part 2

Keyser blasts Mountain Ridge

Here are the links to Keyser Football 2012 Photos

Miss Tornado 2012

KHS throttles Fort Hill 1st Half

KHS throttles Fort Hill 2nd half

Tornado downs Hampshire

Keyser at Allegany

Keyser harnesses Northern

Keyser rolls over Jefferson

Keyser pounds Mingo

Tornado rolls over Mingo, Video This is a high quality video that might take too long to load on your computer. If you have trouble, here is a smaller size: Mingo Video. It's the same video but will display at a youtube like resolution.

KHS downs Scott

Semifinal, KHS pounds Bridgeport, 1st Half

Semifinal, KHS pounds Bridgeport, 2nd Half

Semifinal, KHS pounds Bridgeport, Postgame

WARNING!!!! Graphic Video Content!!! Must be 18! Adults Only!

Keyser vs Wayne, State Championship, 1st Half

Links below are from last year

Keyser beats Petersburg

Keyser takes on Fort Hill

Keyser Rolls Over Hampshire

Keyser Wallops Allegany 34-0

KHS Band

Miss Tornado

KHS Football Homecoming win over Berkeley Springs

Keyser Homecoming Halftime Ceremony 2011

KHS Band Homecoming Performance 2011

Football KHS hosts Mountain Ridge

Girls Soccer takes on Berkeley Springs

JV Football Fort Hill @ Keyser

Mineral Bowl 2011

Girls Soccer KHS @ Frankfort

Girls Soccer KHS @ Petersburg

Girls Soccer Petersburg @ Keyser